Forged Wheels

JASDA makes 16″ to 26″ aluminum forged wheels for trucks, cars, motorcycles, military trucks. Customized wheels designs are avaliable as well as various finish treatment. 

We customize your wheel

motorcycle wheel CNC work
forged wheel CNC work
forged wheel CNC process

Professional CNC work to customize wheel designs

forged wheel factory warehouse

Since 2011, JASDA has been providing high-quality aluminum forged wheels to all customers. All wheels are designed at lightest weight but best performance for wheel lovers who pursue lightweight and excellent performance. 

All JASDA wheels are completely forged. They are made of 6061 T6 aluminum aerospace-grade aluminum Billet. Under the weight of 10,000 tons pressing machine, durable, strong lightweight wheels are manufactured by improving the grain structure and overall performance, in order to achieve amazing design, weight and strength.

Most importantly, JASDA provides customization for wheel design not only based on standard models, but can also upon client’s request, like spokes, caps, hubs as well as different finish options, which are well used for trucks, cars, motorcycles, military vehicles, etc. Read More…

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