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24x8.25 Dually Truck Wheel Aluminum for offroad truck


Part #: JSDT105

Size: 24×8.25

Finish: Matte Black & Cut Window Edge


#1: 24×8.25 Dually Truck Wheel made by Forged Aluminum 6061 T6

#2: Custom Wheel Design 

#3: Size available in 20×8.25, 22×8.25 24×8.25 

#4: Wheel Cap Supply

#5: Finish options Paint, Spoke Cut, Polish, Chrome, Anodized

#6: For Ford, GMC, Ram, Chevrolet trucks tuning. 

General Information

– 100% Forged Wheels Guarantee made by 6061T6 Aluminum Billet

– Forging Pressure 10,000 tons

– Load Rate Up to 3,750kg (8,267lbs)

– Light Weight Design

Order Guide

– Confirm Design and Size information

– Make Deposit

– Do 3D Drawing and Rendering Image to Confirm

– Production, Balance & Delivery

Production Process

           Aluminum Billet                            Rough Blank                            ③Machined Blank                           ④CNC Work to Design                  ⑤Finished Wheels

Finish Options


Just after CNC work without any further treatment


A further treatment to make the surface smooth and shiny


Protective chrome plate process with mirror effect

Available Size

Aluminum Truck Wheel Size Chart

Wheel SizePart No.Pitch Circle
Diameter (mm)
Center Bore
Diameter (mm)
No. of HolesBolt Hole
Diameter (mm)
Outset/Offset (mm)Max Load


– Refund if Rendering not Satisfied

– Fitment Guarantee

– 1 Year Finish Warranty

– 2 Years Structural Warranty

User Notes

When inflating the tires, make sure to place the tire/wheel assembly in the inflation cages.
When installing the tires, please refer to the tire manufacturer’s requirements and use the correct tire pressure.

Due to the difference in mechanical properties of the steel wheels and forged aluminum wheels, combination use of both kinds of the wheels will reduce the operation life of either of the wheels and even cause the accidents. Therefore, combination uses are strongly not recommended.

The maximum rated load has been imprinted inside the rim section and no overload permitted.

Please conform to the wheel installation and maintenance manuals to check and clean all components before wheel installations.Please refer to the suggestions of vehicle manufacturers to adopt the correct nut torque and tightening sequences for the tightening of the wheel nuts.

Proper matching of tires and wheels must be strictly followed. An improper matching(of tires and wheels) will result in the serious injury or death to you and others.

Any abnormal high temperature will result in the serious reduction of wheel’s mechanical strength, and wheel deformation, and cause the wheel/tire assembly to separate explosively.Explosive separations can cause death or serious injury. Under such circumstance, wheel must be stopped for use and wheel replacement must be made immediately.

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